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Park Lane Villas – Elegance in living

Park Lane Villas – Elegance in living

Hosting 15 units in 3 Acres land individually unique, garden city where every Villa faces the Garden. It is simply the quintessential dwelling where leisure and luxury eternally exist. Through classis elegance and vibrant design, Park Lane Villa is the Place where Timeless Living Comes Full Circle.

Park Lane Villa Features lavish amenities, providing Timeless Living For today’s urban professional lifestyle. Let all your desires be treated as essentials by Park Lane Villa.

Functional designs will most certainly provide you with the lifestyle you desire. The center of attention and proximity for all of your lifestyle needs. The gated community takes the leisure lifestyle to a new benchmark and connects you with the nature. Ideally located off Hennur Road and nearby to other landmark developments that hold an appeal of becoming the next big hub of Bangalore.


Picturesque surroundings

The name of the city is tantamount to the IT (Information Technology) revolution in the country. The picturesque neighborhoods of Bangalore will definitely amaze the astute travelers. The city has turned into a major commercial, industrial, and cultural hum in South India.

The city houses a number of scenic parks, Movie Theater complexes, boulevards, and famous memorials and edifices. The city is a vibrant and fast developing city.


Relaxing walk

Lush parks and walkways enjoys wide open spaces and a fresh, green, natural environment. Do all you always wanted to do in style in this exclusive yet vibrant neighborhood resplendent with beautifully landscaped gardens lining broad avenues. watch your children revel in fun at conveniently located parks.